Halloween Supplemental – A Different Nature: Music That’s Creepy, Too

October 19, 2015

From the A Different Nature files – a show I sometimes also host on KBOO:


With October here and Halloween approaching, I thought it best to go through my library and offer up a follow-up to last week’s show by D.J. Lost Everything in the Fire .. (audio link long dead by the time you read this)
I don’t know if it will be as scary but it’s scary how easy it is to go through my library and find things that are spine tinglingly creepy without really trying. But try I did.
Not a Halloween show, per se, but definitely in the spirit of the season.
Listen with the lights off…



What I played:

Time / Artist / Song / Disk
08:00PM / KBOO Community Radio / ID/Promo Spots / Promo Spots
08:03PM / Salvatore Martirano / L’s GA For Gas-Masked Politico, Helium Bomb, And Two-Channel Tape (excerpt) / L’s GA
08:09PM / Laibach / Preludium/Agnus Dei / Macbeth
08:17PM / Geinoh Yamashirogumi / Osorezan / Osorezan / Doh No Kembai
08:35PM / Horrific Child / H.I.A. / L’Etrange Mr Whinster
08:45PM / Billy Green / Eco Blue/Toadstrip / Stone (Original Instrumental Score)
08:50PM / White Noise / The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell / An Electric Storm
08:54PM / Koko Taylor / Up In Flames / Wild At Heart OST
08:59PM / Set break / Background: Camille Sauvage – Requiem Pour Satan
09:03PM / Peter Ivers / Pete’s Boogie / Eraserhead OST bonus 7″
09:06PM / Sonic Youth / Secret Girl / Made In USA Soundtrack
09:09PM / Cromagnon / Toth, Scribe I / Cave Rock
09:17PM / Arthur Brown / Chant Shades / Requiem
09:20PM / William S. Burroughs / Curse Go Back / Break Through In Grey Room
09:21PM / Nurse With Wound / A New Dress [remix] / Crumb Duck
09:27PM / Sir Richard Bishop / Hill Dwellers / Graviton Polarity Generator
09:32PM / Zoviet*france / RAM [excerpt] / Collusion
09:35PM / Eduard Artemiev / Movement XVI / Solaris OST
09:39PM / Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange / Falling / The Dreams
09:40PM / Sinoia Caves / 1966 – Let the New Age of Enlightenment Begin / Beyond the Black Rainbow (Original Soundtrack)
09:46PM / Throbbing Gristle / E-Coli / D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle
09:50PM / Cabaret Voltaire / Is That Me (Finding Someone At the Door Again) / The Living Legends
09:53PM / Set break / Background: Camille Sauvage – Terrifical Night
09:53PM / Laibach / Sympathy for the Devil / Sympathy For the Devil


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