2016 4th of July PatrioPsychoticAnarchoMaterialist Blowout!

rlf 4th.jpg

I hijacked the airwaves right after the simulcast Portland Waterfront Blues Fest in order to bring listeners an alternate soundtrack to their neighbors blowing their fingers off and terrorizing neighborhood animals. Lots of nice calls. I think people seemed to enjoy it.
I am not used to doing an hour show, so forgot to leave enough time for me to back-announce the last half and say goodbye. Oh well. At least you can hear the Ubu Hour’s snappy new intro with news legend Bill Kurtis on it!
I hope you like it. That and this show.


10:00PM KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

10:03PM Pat Boone/George Otis – How would you like to turn on your radio and hear this? – Solution To Crisis America
10:04PM James Harley – Spangled – Hendrix Uncovered : New Music Inspired By Jimi Hendrix
10:05PM Culturecide – Star Spangled Banner – Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America
10:07PM The Evolution Control Committee – Star Spangled Bologna – Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0
10:09PM Wink Martindale – America, An Affirmation – 7″
10:13PM Buck Ritchey – The Slave – 7″
10:15PM The Rudy Schwartz Project – Carry Me Back to the Good Ol’ U.S.A. – Full Frontal Klugman
10:18PM Peter Grudzien – Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere – Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 1
10:21PM The Hagers – Motherhood, Apple Pie and the Flag – 7″
10:24PM David Jesse Moore – Road To America, USA – Road To America, USA
10:26PM Robert Delafield – I Am America – 7″

10:29PM Set break — ID/Radio Business – Background: James Harley – Spangled

10:34PM Victor Lundberg – An Open Letter To My Teenage Son – 7″
10:38PM The Mothers of Invention – God Bless America (Live At The Whisky A Go Go) – Uncle Meat
10:39PM Jim Larrance – America’s Frontier Musical Heritage – CutUpSound
10:46PM Negativland – Our National Anthem (excerpt) – Free
10:46PM C Company Featuring Terry Nelson – Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley – 7″
10:47PM John Deere – Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley – 7″ (both versions played simultaneously)
10:48PM Negativland – Our National Anthem – Free
10:52PM Neung Phak – Fucking USA – Fucking USA 7
10:55PM CutUpSound – Brokaw~ Good Evening, Tonight – Various ‎– 50/50
10:55PM Dan Schaeffer – How Far Is It To Hell? – How Far Is It To Hell?

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