Radio Lost & Found for 08/10/17

rlf_edge of time-01

New Bran Flakes, Diamanda Galas, some peculiar stuff from someone named BJ Morrizonkle and more!

I had fun doing this show. Lots of nice callers tonight for some reason. Noting this for posterity; the Portland/Vancouver area has been blanketed by a stagnant cloud of smoke for the past couple of weeks, along with a heatwave the likes of which we’re not used to in the usually rainy Pacific Northwest. Nasal and throat irritation are rampant for us poor Douglas Fir denizens, hence my phlegm attack apparent as soon as I potted up my announcing mic. Call me Phlegmmy Kilmister.

Hope you liked what I played. I played some of The Bran Flakes‘ spankin’ new album Help Me, finally got my hands on Diamanda Galas‘ new (well, one of the two anyway) album All The Way, played some of the fantastic Mary Halvorson Quintet and a peculiar artist by the name of BJ Morrizonkle.

Maybe it was the stagnant air and heat that had people hunkered down and listening to the radio because I got more calls than usual, mostly asking what I was playing and saying they liked it. Nice!


Playlist (hour:minute Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 Tin Huey – I’m a Believer – Contents Dislodged During Shipping

00:04 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:07 Morgan Fisher – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant/Magic Christian – Miniatures

00:08 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:09 The Bran Flakes – Help Me – Help Me
00:11 The Bran Flakes – Bill – Help Me
00:12 The Bran Flakes – Polka – Help Me
00:13 The Bran Flakes – Ride the Tiger – Help Me
00:14 The Bran Flakes – Potato Chips – Help Me
00:15 The Bran Flakes – Caution – Help Me

00:16 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Waterloo

00:18 Diamanda Galas – O Death – All The Way
00:29 Diamanda Galas – Pardon Me, I’ve Got Someone To Kill – All The Way

00:34 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

00:34 Mary Halvorson Quintet – Sinks When She Rounds the Bend (No. 22) – Bending Bridges
00:42 Lovely Little Girls – Wide Mouth Penetrated Makeshift Mustache Man – Dilapidated Head & Torso Aggregations
00:46 Acanthus – Le Frisson Des Vampires – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:49 Pierre Raph – Gilda & Gunshots – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:52 Philippe D’Aram – L’Interieur Des Ecuries – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:55 Baird Hersey & David Moss – Just Us – Coessential

01:00 Set break — Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa – Ob-La-Di, Ob La Da

01:02 The Coherent Encoherence – The Nibala – Wll A Computer Give You Kids?
01:08 The Coherent Encoherence – Manipulated ABC’s – Wll A Computer Give You Kids?
01:13 Men’s Recovery Project – Men’s Recovery Project – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:14 Men’s Recovery Project – Get The Fuck Out Of My Office – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:15 Men’s Recovery Project – Get Your Dick Out Of My Food – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:17 Men’s Recovery Project – Homo? – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project

01:17 Set break — Background: Kung Fu Supersounds

01:17 Bj Morriszonkle – I’m So Happy – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:21 Bj Morriszonkle – Annual Parade For Malfunction Department Toys – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:23 Bj Morriszonkle – Sugar Pie – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:27 Dave Grusin – It’s Always Because Of This: A Deformity – Candy OST
01:30 Wild Man Fischer – Pronounced Normal – Pronounced Normal
01:32 Jim Henson – Tick Tock Sick – Tick Tock Sick
01:34 Captain Sensible – It Would Be So Nice – A Day In The Life Of…Captain Sensible
01:38 Wayne Carlton – Elk Calls [excerpt] – Elk Bugling
01:38 Dead Sea Apes – Threads – High Evolutionary
01:40 American Educational Films – Focus on LSD and Psychedelics – Found Film
01:47 Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity [excerpt] – Innocence and Despair

01:51 Set break — Background: Kung Fu Supersounds – Robin Artus/Johnny Hawksworth – Dogarnit

01:53 Au Pairs – It’s Obvious – Playing With A Different Sex
01:57 Shooby Taylor – Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow – The Human Horn

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