Radio Lost & Found for 05/10/18

rlf domes-01

New album by Evil Genius, new cassette release by Portland’s New Not Normals, RIP Tony Kinman (The Dils, Rank and File) RIP Adam Parfrey and more!

Nice show, kicked off by a request/suggestion by a listener via Twitter, made even more peculiar that the artist in question’s LP happened to be in the new arrival bin at the station.

I played a few tracks from the about-to-be-released Evil Genius album Experiments on Human Subjects [link], and some tracks from the just release cassette by Portland artists New Not Normals [link].

About 3/4ths through the show, I learned via Facebook that author, publisher, troublemaker extraordinaire Adam Parfrey had just passed away, so ran to the library and found something to play. I never meet him, but had a few interesting conversations with him online and am a fan of his writing and publishing roster. He was a true individual. They’re dropping like flies.

I hope you like the show!


Playlist (hour:minute Artist-Track-Album):
00:00 The Psychedelic furs – President Gas – All of This and Nothing

00:04 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:06 Morgan Fisher/Peter Sellers – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant/Magic Christian – Miniatures/The Magic Christian
00:07 Fred Lane And His Hittite Hot Shots – Dondi Must Die – Car Radio Jerome
00:14 Tom Waits – Yesterday Is Here – Frank’s Wild Years

00:16 Set break — Background: Paris Music Group – Accroche Toi, Caroline

00:18 The Dils – I Hate the Rich – I Hate the Rich 7”
00:20 The Dils – Mr. Big – Dangerhouse Vol. 2: Give Me A Little Pain!
00:21 The Dils – Blow Up – Rat Music For Rat People
00:24 The Dils – Class War – Class War
00:25 Rank And File – The Conductor Wore Black – Sundown
00:29 Rank And File – Hot Wind – Long Gone Dead
00:33 The Dils – You’re Not Blank – Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol. 2

00:34 Set break — Background: Janko Nilović – Chorus For Leslie

00:37 Evil Genius – Skate Boarders vs. Security Guards – Experiments On Human Subjects
00:39 Evil Genius – Tour De Stadt – Experiments On Human Subjects
00:42 Evil Genius – An Iron Post Of Velvet Footing – Experiments On Human Subjects
00:45 Evil Genius – Asterix – Experiments On Human Subjects
00:49 Evil Genius – Arctic Circle – Experiments On Human Subjects

00:55 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydream

00:58 New Not Normals – Web Pincher cassette – Web Pincher cassette
01:02 New Not Normals – Walking On My Grave – Web Pincher cassette
01:05 New Not Normals – All The Same – Web Pincher cassette

01:08 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Waterloo

01:08 Consumer Technology Associations – Radio PSA chop’d n’ fuk’d – Device Security PSAs
01:12 Bj Morriszonkle – We Interrupt This Apocalypse – SOnGS foR a COWGiRL In thE APoCALYPSE
01:15 Bj Morriszonkle – Nothing Left – SOnGS foR a COWGiRL In thE APoCALYPSE
01:19 Tracie Morris – Re-sonate [excerpt] – UbuWeb
01:30 Gregory Jacobsen – Dance Of The Retarded Girl, Slumped Sideways – Ritualistic School of Errors
01:35 Adam Parfrey – The Pusher – Deep Inside a Cop’s Mind — RIP Adam Parfrey
01:41 Adam Parfrey/Jim Goad – Cops Are the Only Real People Left – Deep Inside a Cop’s Mind

01:43 Set break — Background: David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire

01:43 David Lynch – The Air Is on Fire [excerpt] – The Air Is On Fire
01:46 Moody Institute of Science – Sense Perception [excerpt] – Sense Perception (1960)
01:49 The Happy Flowers – Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid – My Skin Covers My Body
01:53 Pop-O-Pies – I Am The Walrus – Pop-O-Anthology 1984 – 1993

01:57 Shooby Taylor – Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow – The Human Horn

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