Radio Lost & Found for 06/14/18


I’ve been off for three weeks, due to the way the calendar works, my show schedule, etc, so had lots to play for you. Also…

Mark as IAmLooLoo

Since I last spoke to you I learned a friend, Noise Music artist Mark Howe, aka Loop Letcher, aka aka ImLooLoo, We Are Pitbull, Spider Tombs, Fetid Rope (and probably more nom de plumes that we don’t know about) had passed away from cancer at age 49. He was a cool dude. He was a semi-permanent fixture in Vancouver Washington’s secret noise performance space, The Shack (West Side Welding and Machine, 2007 – 2013) maintained by Matt Brislawn, known more widely as Brizbomb. You could often find Mark/Loop in his corner of The Shack with all his electronic and mechanical noisemaking gadgets, power tools, looper pedals, lots of springs, a completely skeletonized piano or two, etc.  He was a really fucking hilarious guy, too. It’s to my eternal regret that we didn’t spend more time together. He’s survived by Sara, his wife of 22 years and lots and lots of friends.
Rest in Noise, Loop!


Playlist (hour:minute Artist-Track-Album)
00:00 Neung Phak – Fucking USA – Fucking USA 7
00:02 Melvins – Stop Moving to Florida [live] – House of Strombo
00:07 Butthole Surfers – Eindhoven Chicken Mask – God’s Favorite Dog Comp.

00:09 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:09 IAmLooLoo – 071008 – Live at The Shack 2008 (RIP Mark Howe)
00:14 Loop Letcher – Send Help – Live at The Shack 2010
00:23 Spider Tombs (Mark Howe & Geoff Walker) – Portcullis – Live at The Shack 2008-ish
00:32 Fetid Rope – Final live performance 09/28/2013 – Live at West Side Welding and Machine 2013

00:43 Set break — Background: David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire

00:47 The Evolution Control Committee – Hurdy Gurdy Men – Gunderphonic
00:50 Chris Morris – A Zombie Baby – Blue Jam – Series 3, Episode 3
00:56 Chris Morris – What Do We Do With A Baby? – Blue Jam – Series 3, Episode 3
00:58 Helena Vondráčková – Die Nachtbar – Písně Billyho Joela
01:04 The Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime isolated vocals – Remain in the Light
01:05 Dean Hurley – Intro Cymbal Wind – Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△
01:07 Consumer Technology Associations – Radio PSA chop’d n’ fuk’d
01:08 The Idlers – I Dig Rock and Roll Music – Good Times Are Not Over
01:10 Jack Van Impe – “Louder, Faster – Louder, Faster!” – The Hooked Generation

01:14 Set break — Background: Helmut Zacharias – Hurdy Gurdy Man

01:16 The Fall – Riddler! – Bend Sinister
01:23 Sleaford Mods – Tweet Tweet Tweet – Chubbed Up: The Singles
01:26 The Headcoatees – Ca Plane Pour Moi – Alright, This Time, Just The Girls
01:29 People Like Us – All on a Beautiful Day [excerpt] – Optimized!
01:34 Evil Genius – The Great Piling of Pat Matheny’s Sweaters – Experiments On Human Subjects

01:40 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydream

01:42 Jandek – You Painted Your Teeth – Telegraph Melts
01:45 Men’s Recovery Project – Remove Pants – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:45 Men’s Recovery Project – Joe Preston – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:46 Men’s Recovery Project – Captured Danish Photographer – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:48 Melvins – Graveyard – Pinkus Abortion Technician

01:54 Shooby Taylor – Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow – The Human Horn

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