Radio Lost & Found for 06/28/18


Oh look! I nearly didn’t put this up because the audio went MIA for a couple of days, but here it is (a huge thanks to Erin Yanke for retrieving it)!

Some brand new Rudy Schwartz Project, a send-off for Sci-Fi writer legend Harlan Ellison (via a mix I originally did in 2017), Tony Coulter’s Stumptown Underground compilation, a lovely new single by Kinski and more.

Hope you like it!


Playlist (hour:minute Artist-Track-Album)
00:00 Cabaret Voltaire – Soul Vine (70 Billion People) – Plasticity
00:06  Demon With The Glass Hand, dialogue – The Outer Limits (w. Harlan Ellison)
00:09 The Trilogy Tapes – 5ive, Samo DJ & Powder – Drunkenstein – SoundCloud

00:15 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:18 The Adolescents – Amoeba – The Adolescents
00:20 Kinski – Loved By You – Old Gold 7”
00:22 Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves – Half Machine Lip Moves

00:28 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA

00:28 The Rudy Schwartz Project – Hunky Dunky – Postal Code For Ham
00:33 The Rudy Schwartz Project – Sonny Bono’s Spine – Postal Code For Ham
00:36 The Rudy Schwartz Project – Broderick & the Magic Caterpillar – Postal Code For Ham
00:40 The Rudy Schwartz Project – Emotional Support Hamster – Postal Code For Ham
00:43 The Rudy Schwartz Project – Ruth Buzzi Has A Lot Of Tension In Her Eyeball – Postal Code For Ham

00:47 Set break — Background: Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa – Yellow Submarine

00:49 Helena Vondráčková – Meine Eigenes Leben – Písně Billyho Joela
00:53 The Tinklers – One Meatball – Saplings
00:56 Nina Hagen – Kosma Shiva – NunSexMonkRock
00:59 American Academy of Family Physicians – Bullying/Flu Vaccine PSAs Mashed Up
01:01 Parasites of the Western World – Chemicals – Tony Coulter Presents: Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
01:04 A Rancid Vat – Cranium Casserole/Puke On My Face – Tony Coulter Presents: Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
01:11 Drum Bunny – Dream of Peace – Tony Coulter Presents: Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
01:14 Gourmet Dogs – Kiss Me – Tony Coulter Presents: Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
01:16 Jungle Nausea – Uniform – Tony Coulter Presents: Stumptown Underground: Portland (OR) in the ’80s
01:20 Set break — Background: The Vampires’ Sound Incorporation – Lions and the Cucumber
01:23 Godley and Creme – Freeze Frame – Freeze Frame
01:27 Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst – Life In A Scotch Sitting Room, Episode 15, Volume 2 – Privilege
01:30 Einstürzende Neubauten – Dead Friends (Around the Corner) – Perpetuum Mobile
01:35 The Space Lady – Synthesize Me – The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits
01:40 Negativland – Play it Again – Unsound Cassette Comp.
01:41 The Jet Black Hair People – Basic Formula For Happiness – …And Their Friends

01:44 Set break — Background: Ksiezyc – Mijana

01:44 Maria Teresa Luciani – Modern Residential Complex – Sounds of the City
01:47 Maria Teresa Luciani – Marshalling Yard – Sounds of the City
01:51 Maria Teresa Luciani – International Airport – Sounds of the City
01:54 Maria Teresa Luciani – Sunday In Town – Sounds of the City

01:56 Set break — Outro: Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow

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