On Rabbit Hash Radio 07/04/18

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I was recently a guest on friend Martinibomb‘s show Rabbit Hash Radio, which airs weekly on Freeform Portland (KFFP, 90.3 FM, in Portland OR).

We had a great time, spinning tunes for 4th of July listeners and other oddities.

Playlist (Artist “Track” [Album]):
Bruce McCulloch “That’s America” [Shame-Based Man]
King Missle “America Kicks Ass” [x]
Kim Fowley “Is America Dead?” [Animal God of the Streets]
Curtis Mayfield “Miss Black America” [Curtis (Expanded Edition)]
Sears “Sears Demonstration Disc 9235″ [Sears Demonstration Disc 9235]
Ted Randal “What Is a Disc Jockey” [x]
Scott Johnson “Part One” [John Somebody]
Philip Bimstein “Pasturale” [Garland Hirschi’s Cows]
The Sursiks “Pork Chop Dinner” [I Didn’t Know I Was Singing]
Negativland “Guns Now” [Guns]

Robbie Heiner “America You’re Too Young To Die” [7″]
Robert Delafield “One World” [7″]
Victor Lumberg “Open Letter To My Teenage Son” [7″]

Art and Diane Linkletter “We Love You Call Collect” [7”]
Think “Once You Understand” [7″]
Gary S. Paxton “The Big A = The Big M” [7″]
Little Markie “Let the Sunshine In” [Li’l Bits]
Buddy Starcher “History Repeats Itself” [History Repeats Itself]
Ed Shepp “America the Britneyful” [America the Britneyful]
The Evolution Control Committee “Star spangled Bologna” [x]
Wink Martindale “America” [an affirmation]
David Jesse Moore “The Road to America U.S.A.” [The Road to America U.S.A.]
Johnny Cash “Sold Out Of Flagpoles” [One Piece At A Time]
The Hagers “Motherhood Apple Pie and the Flag” [country]
Mark Slade “Are They Going To Shoot God?” [Mark Slade’s new hat]
Jay and the americans “Only in America” [x]

L. Ron Hubbard “Battlefield Earth” [Battlefield earth]
Helena Vondráčková “Mein Eigenes Leben” [Písně Billyho Joela]
Sylvester and the Hot Band “My country tis of thee” [My country tis of thee]

Check out his show archives here!

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