9 Years of Halloween Shows!


If you know me, you know I love doing Halloween shows. I’ve managed to do one every year (with the curious exception of 2014 and 2013. What was I thinking?) that I’ve done shows on KBOO, previous stations, etc. Some of those early shows are really, really dark. Probably not suited for kids, most normal adults, etc.

Here’s a collection of all the Halloween programs I’ve done to date:

2018 Halloween Extravaganza

2017 Halloween Extravaganza

2016: I Feel All Hollow Inside Eve Halloween Special

2015: As Close To Halloween As It Gets


Bonus 2015 show: A Different Nature: Music That’s Creepy, Too

2012 Halloween Special, Give The Drummer Radio Stream reason season

Guesting on Tony Coulter’s show on WFMU’s Give The Drummer Radio stream.
3 hours! Listen to it on WFMU’s archive page here.

2011 Halloween Extravaganza

KBOO, 3 hours!

2010: Kill Ugly Halloween

On Radio 23’s Room 111 stream (RIP)

2009: Happy Halloween

My first KBOO Halloween show!

2008: Billoween (KBOO)

With my son Billy, who also hosted his own show briefly.

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