New Show: Cratedigger’s Lung on WFMU’s Sheena’s Jungle Room


What a doofus. I can’t believe I am just now getting around to telling you about this.

I’m doing a new weekly hour long show on WFMU’s brand new stream Sheena’s Jungle Room.

The show’s called Cratedigger’s Lung and it’s on every Friday at 7pm EST, 4pm PST (& Saturday 12am UTC).

You can listen and chat with other listeners and myself when the show’s on live or listen to past show archives here.

Hope you can tune in! I’m really excited about this. There are lots of great DJs doing live shows. As of this writing, it’s:
The Flange & Frigate with DJ GeorgyGirl; Record Roulette Club with DJ Henry; The World’s Worst Records Radio Show with Darryl W. Bullock; High Waisted Modernists (DJ GeorgyGirl again); Friendly Persuasion with Otis Fodder; Medium Cool with Martinibomb; The Hour of Crap with Don-O; Stop Hitting Yourself with DJ Greg “Spacebrother” Bishop (read the entire schedule here),
all overseen by our ad hoc programming director, Mr. Fab, world famous within weird music circles for his amazing and essential blog Music for Maniacs and for his own stunning musical mash-up creations under the nom de plume RIAA. Mr. Fab has also hand-picked the wonderful selections that make up the stream while there aren’t any live shows on. It’s just an amazing stream. I’ve been listing since it was launched and it’s just incredible.
Give it a listen and join in the fun during folk’s live sets!

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