Radio Lost & Found for 02/27/20


Here’s the show! Hope you like it!


Playlist (Artist/Track/Album):
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / All Tomorrow’s Parties / Kicking Against the Pricks
The Severed Heads / Goodbye Tonsils / Goodbye Tonsils

René Lussier / La Visite De Charles De Gaulle / Le Trésor De La Langue
Coyle & Sharpe / Armored Attack / The Absurd Impostors
John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America / Blind Man’s Penis / Blind Man’s Penis and Other Smash Hits
Mindless Drug Hoover / The Reefer Song / Top Banana
Harlen Lattimore & His Connies Inn Orch / The Reefer Man / Reefer Songs
Negativland / Mounting the Puppy / True False
Negativland / One Bee At a Time / True False

Ron ‘Pate’s Debonairs / Intro/My Kind of Town / Pataphysical Revue
Eugene Chadbourne / Invitation to a Jam Session, pt. 1 Promenade for Two Electric Rakes / Invitation To A Jam Session

John Trubee & The Pimento Loaf Cretins / Saving America’s Youth / Volume 2: Greatest Prank Phone Calls of All Time
Beast / Monoliths Of Marrow / Vorax
Beast / Vermicious / Vorax
John Trubee & The Pimento Loaf Cretins / A Private Club For Sexually Open-Minded People / Volume 2: Greatest Prank Phone Calls of All Time
David Lynch Featuring Jack Cruz / Dancin’ In The House Of Love / The Flame Of Love
Butthole Surfers / Backass / Hairway to Steven
Jung Jaeil / The Frontal Lobe of Ki Taek / Parasite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Jung Jaeil / Water, Ocean / Parasite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
J. M. Pagán / Ball de Beth / Kiu I Els Seus Amics
A. R. Luciani / Battery Farm / Elettroencefalogramma
A. R. Luciani / Bombardment / Elettroencefalogramma
A. R. Luciani / Elettroencefalogramma / Elettroencefalogramma
Thomas Dimuzio / Upper Haight [excerpt] / Sutro Transmissions
Butthole Surfers / Fast / Hairway to Steven

Shooby Taylor / Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow / The Human Horn

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