Radio Lost & Found for 3/12/20


Touch this show, It’s sick!

I don’t particularly care for doing themed shows. It’s just not something I usually do, but I do often jot ideas down on a Post-It note. Recent news has had me filling several leafs of tiny yellow squares. Songs about sickness, healing, paranoia and more. Hope you dig it.


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release):
Mudhoney / Touch Me I’m Sick / Superfuzz Bigmuff Early Singles
Gabriel Byrne / The Masque of the Red Death / Closed On Account of Rabies: The Stories of Edgar Allen Poe

X Ray Specs / Germ Free Adolescence / Germ Free Adolescence
Brad Sucks / Overreacting / I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
The Firesign Theatre / “Beat the Reaper!” / Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him
Frank Luther / Health Can Be Fun / Songs Of Safety – Manners Can Be Fun, Health Can Be Fun
Frank Zappa / Beat The Reaper / Civilization Phase III
Little Marcy / Sick People Get Well / Little Marcy and the Bible Story Book
Jim Larrance / Tom Hanks / Night of 1000 PSAs
The Minutemen / Corona / Double Nickels on the Dime
The Cramps / Bop Pills / Stay Sick!
The Fiends / You Make Me Sick / We’ve Come For Your Beer
The Fall / Fit and Working Again / Slates
Magazine / Because You’re Frightened / The Correct Use of Soap

Dimitri from Paris / Reveries / Reveries
Jello Biafra / Message from Our Sponsor / Journeys By DJ
Diamanda Galás / This Is the Law of the Plague [excerpt] / Plague Mass
Psychic TV / Unclean [excerpt] / Themes II
Laurie Anderson / Language Is A Virus / Home of the Brave (Live)
Blue Öyster Cult / Fire of Unknown Origin / Fire of Unknown Origin

Austin Roberts / Rocky / Rocky 7″
Butthole Surfers / Sweat Loaf / Locust Abortion Technician
Neil Hamburger / A Nationally-Known Comedian / Great Phone Calls
Joah Valley / Yesterday / Beatle Songs From Joah Valley
Beast / Jack London’s Nightmare / Vorvax
Butthole Surfers / The O-Men / Locust Abortion Technician
The Cramps / Fever / Songs the Lord Taught Us

Shooby Taylor / Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow / The Human Horn

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