Radio Lost & Found for 08/27/20

This week’s Radio Lost & Found. I played some brand new Matmos and CutUpSound and other surprises.

One down, two to go.
I’m officially pulling the plug on my longtime KBOO radio show on 9/24. The archives will be here forever. Thanks for listening.


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release)
Bell Telephone Laboratories / How We Hear / Science of Sound
Columbia School of Broadcasting / Course In Radio Announcing Phase Three
O’Lyn Callahan / 2001: A Space Oddysey / O’lyn
Kimberley Guilfoyle / RNC Speech chopped n’ fukt /
The Rudy Schwartz Project / It’s Time for Trump / Tango Lessons in a Fascist Whorehouse
Little Fyodor / Trump Loves You / Pithy Romantic Ballads
The Rudy Schwartz Project / Dead Nazi By The Side of the Road / Hold Me In Your Arms and Sing To Me Like Dick Powell
DJ Daniel J. Henry / Karen Mask – Stand Up / The Record Roulette Club

SET BREAK – Leonard Pennario / March of the Lunatics

Wylde Ratttz / Fun House / Outtakes From Velvet Goldmine OST c. 1993
Sunwatchers / Intro/Noise Beers / Sun Worship
Khun Narin / Sut Sanaen #2 / Khun Narin’s Electric Phin Band
Phloen Phromdaen / Klua Duang / เมียตัวอย่าง • วอนน้องกลับอิสาน
Sun City Girls / Kickin’ the Dragon / 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda
United Mutation / Sensation Fix / Fugitive Family/Rainbow Person
Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts / KBOO Station ID c.1985

SET BREAK – John Cameron / Half Forgotten Daydreams

Matmos / A Doughnut In The Sky [excerpt] / The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form
Godley & Creme / Punch Bag / L
Captain Sensible / Happy Talk / A Day In The Life Of…Captain Sensible
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet / Big Baby (Bonus Track) / Savvy Show Stoppers

SET BREAK – Moog Plays ABBA /Waterloo

CutUpSound / I Believe / I’ll Say “This”
CutUpSound / Broken Record Show Sale 2007 / I’ll Say “This”
Larry Young / Khalid of Space [excerpt] / Lawrence of Newark
Shockabilly / National Bummer / Live At Ten Foot Henry’s

Outro – Shooby Taylor / Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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