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Vox Pop on Radio 23

January 13, 2010

Cherie Blackfeather’s radio show – Vox Pop – not only asks you to say what you think; it also asks you to think about what you think about.
Her show is a free-roaming vox-populi that can take the listener down some unexpected roads.  She travels down the streets of Portland, Oregon and asks people some unexpected questions, usually along a given theme. The show is likely to shift gears, as her often conversational interview style is just as likely to illicit as many questions from her subjects as she asks them. One show – which was derailed slightly by the intrusive background soundtrack supplied by the barristos in the cafe it was held in – shifted focus temporarily into what was the nature of public space and when did noise interfere with it. It even sparked a thought-provoking conversation with the cafe workers that was non-confrontational and revealing of their perspective.
Because Cherie presents herself to interviewees sans agenda, she gets some really interesting candid conversations, and that’s rare in our highly subjective-laden mediascape.
Vox Pop is an engaging program that takes you on a stroll to someplace completely unexpected on every episode.

Cherie Blackfeather’s Vox Pop appears every Wednesday at 12pm (PST) on Radio 23, which streams worldwide at


Bob Moog Day

May 23, 2009

Bob Moog would have been 75 today.
One of my first ever virtual fan letters I ever sent someone when I first got onto the web was to Bob Moog. I received a reply a week later that I am pretty certain was from him and not from an assistant, webmaster, etc. (I like to think so anyway).

Bob’s innovations transformed music forever. He was also a humble man who made it clear that he was just one in a long line of inventors and researchers.
The documentary on him, Moog is fascinating and I highly recommend it.

You can also visit The Bob Moog Foundation’s blog here.


Laibach Radio Special

October 14, 2008

For a brief period of time, here’s the three hour Laibach special I put together on the 10th.

Kathy of the Autonomy Hour was kind enough to help and pitch during the pledge breaks, which I left in because I didn’t really feel like editing it too much and KBOO could really use a few spare shekels if you have them. So you’ll have to sit through a sermon or two to get the soup, so to speak.

Here it is volks:

Download part 1 (70.9 megs @ 192kbps)
Download part 2 (82.3 megs @ 192kbps)
Download part 3 (94.1 megs @ 192kbps)

Look at playlist here.

Cut straight to my interview with Ivan “The Terrible” Novak here.



August 19, 2008

A weird story that ran in the June 1981 issue of Epic Illustrated, Marvel Comics’ answer to Heavy Metal Magazine.

I remember always thinking that Epic couldn’t stand up to HM in terms of overall skullfuckedness, but occasionally had some mindblowing stories.

This one was always near and dear to my heart; cult flicks were my primary obsession at this point in my life – especially since they were so bloody hard to find and see in that pre-internet era.

Plus, right before I read this article, I had this incredibly weird dream that was amazingly similar to this story.

Here it is. I don’t own a scanner, but borrowed one a few years ago and scanned this on a lark.

The story’s not as weird as I remember it now, looking at it nearly 30 years later, but it’s weird nonetheless.

They are in TIFF format.

Download Kultz

For some more fun, Heavy Metal memories, stroll on over to I’m Learning to Share and dig on what he has to say about it and check out his Flickr site of old HM scans, complete with funky, late-seventies, early eighties ads.