Echoplex Kitchenette w/Horns

Part 1 Part 2(Horn Interlude) Part 3 From 1984 (or thereabouts) comes Echoplex Kitchenette with Horns. It features David Harlan … More

Laibach Radio Special

For a brief period of time, here’s the three hour Laibach special I put together on the 10th. Kathy of … More

Nature and Organization

Repost of something I posted last year, or so. The sudden onset of non-Summerlike weather has prompted me to start … More

Boyd Rice

Music, Martinis And Misanthropy Tesco Bad boy Boyd Rice as Rod McKuen with anti-social personality disorder. Frankly, it’s hard to … More


M.B. December 21, 1984 Mute/Grey Area Live album of an early configuration of this mighty Slovene industrial band that – … More

Test Dept.

Pax Britannica Jungle / Ministry of Power Another not-too popular album in Test Dept.‘s mighty canon that is also one … More