Echoplex Kitchenette w/Horns

Part 1 Part 2(Horn Interlude) Part 3 From 1984 (or thereabouts) comes Echoplex Kitchenette with Horns. It features David Harlan … More

Perverted Desire

I attempted to encode a movie from the European format PAL to our NTSC, using an elaborate work-around in Final … More

Big City Orchestra

Pal Ninah Pixie sends me the following: Brand-New WEB RELEASE from BIG CITYE ORCHESTRHAE LULLABY NOW AVAILABLE from the UMBRELLA … More


Laura’s Brain Something I made with my Kaoss Pad. Is it done yet? I don’t know. Guest vocals by Laura … More


I typed Generative Music into Google and found Viragelic, a cool little java-based Flash web page that will generate a … More