Salvatore Martirano

L’s GA Polydor (1968) Whacked out mix of early electronic and symphonic music from composer Salvatore Martirano (1927 – 1995). … More

6/12/09: Weatherman Show

We made an historic link up with the notorious Weatherman (voice of many classic Negativland recordings) up in Seattle, where … More

Perverted Desire

I attempted to encode a movie from the European format PAL to our NTSC, using an elaborate work-around in Final … More

The Portland Funbook 3

I saw this giant, amazing, old-school zine-style book in KBOO’s foyer (it says ‘KBOO copy. Do not steal!’ – I … More

It’s Friday!

“We pissed in the slave-driver’s soup and they didn’t even know it…!” ~ Murray ‘The K’ Saul Friday Operation FSU … More

John C. Lilly

E.C.C.O Silent Weird ambient electronic album with brief snippets of evolutionary scientist John C. Lilly speaking on his theories and … More