Show from 01/21/09

Tonight’s show was nearly 94% vinyl, with most of it being records I recently found in area thrift stores. Filling … More

Trouser Press Tuesday: BLACKBIRD

BlackBird (Iloki) 1988BlackBird (Iloki) 1989BlackBird (Ger. Fundamental) 1991BlackBird (Scotti Bros.) 1992 After leading the leftist agit-punk Dils and cowpunk-pioneering Rank … More

Trouser Press Tuesday: Veil

VEIL Surrender (UK Clay) 1985 Attempting a gothic sound comparable to mid-period Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bryan Gregory’s first post-Cramps … More

Trouser Press Tuesday: OH-OK

OH-OKWow Mini Album EP (DB) 1982Furthermore What EP (DB) 1983BUZZ OF DELIGHTSound Castles EP (DB) 1984HOLIDAYHello EP (Nightshade) 1987HETCH HETCHYMake … More