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I not only appreciate feedback, but am trying to assess what this blog’s future needs – in terms of filesharing – might be.
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  1. No problem.
    If you use Firefox, it is in the address window. Simply click on the RSS
    It’s also on the bottom of the page (scroll down) of any WordPress site.
    They don’t make it easy to find, unfortunately

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  4. Thought I’d say “Howdy” since you linked to my site, and then I figured out that you’re in The ‘Couve, too (Or, as I’ve recently heard it referred to as Vantucky).

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  9. Hey Rich Kill Ugly:


    Hey, would you still want a set of Firesign Theatre’s Dear Friends program, and I mean the twelve-hours (in half-hour installments = 24 files_?

    Please let me know if you would like these.

    And make sure this message only goes your way, okay?


  10. Found you (again) through the chondriticsound forum.. you mentioned that people were pretty ungrateful about it and stuff. Well, I never really downloaded when I lurked on your old blog (took me awhile to get into some of this stuff properly), but I wanna say I’m glad you’re still around and showing us where all the good stuff is at. Many thanks for that – for being one of the good people who keep all this alternative/underground/whatever culture arrive and thriving.

  11. Hey Rich, I’m getting a little nervous with the Weatherman’s site being non-op all the time. I imagine it has more to do with the ( I hate to say demise) of the NL page and hopefully not to do with any personal stuff regarding David.
    Hope all is well in the Great Northwest.

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  14. Hey, Rich! I’m a big fan of your shows. I first heard Radio Lost and Found on KBOO a few years ago while living in Portland. I searched the web hoping to find some episodes to download. I was delighted to find this blog and discover you have archived all your shows. It’s great to be able to download the episodes of RL&F and KUR. I’ve discovered so many great songs on your shows. Thank you for archiving these shows and thank you for keeping it interesting.

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