Kill Ugly Radio FAQ, v1.2

What’s this all about?
This is where I post the archives of my weekly radio show and some share-worthy audio projects, radio specials and related news.

Who am we, anyway?
I’ve been involved in audio collage and experimentation since the mid-eighties and started making mix tapes that resembled ‘radio shows’ sometime in the early-nineties. I started doing broadcast radio at KBOO Community radio in the mid-2000s and at WSU’s KOUG radio in 2008. I now DJ on Radio 23’s Room 111 and host a monthly radio show on KBOO, entitled Radio Lost and Found and am a contributor to KBOO’s A Different Nature – a curatorial program of avant garde music and sonic arts.
I live and work in Southwest Washington, right across the river from Portland Oregon.

This is Kill Ugly Radio. Where’s all the Zappa content?
My blog and weekly radio show share a name with a very popular Frank Zappa related blog. I started making mix tapes in the early nineties under the nom de plume Kill Ugly Radio (you can read a convoluted history of it here) and migrated the project to the web around the turn of the millennium, not realizing there was already a more infamous and excellent web presence using the same name. They’ve commented on the similarity when they discovered me and they consider it in the light that we both worship at the temple of Zappa (I’m a longtime fan) and don’t see a conflict. We’ve exchanged links on Zappa-related items, etc. We realize the name is big enough to be used by two entities and we both know that to behave like the Zappa Family Trust over it would be bad sportsmanship. Plus, they had it first and are much more popular than my blog.

Where’s all the free music downloads, dude?
During a brief period between creative projects, I used to upload albums to Kill Ugly Radio. People still land here as a result of searching for a download of a particular album. I always tried to make the posts pertain to difficult to find or out of print albums and things from my own collection. Sometimes I was successful in that light and sometimes not. I’ve gotten a few polite requests to remove them and more than one hostile response from copyright owners. To that end, I’ve taken most down. I also believe that artists that have endeavored to extricate themselves from the slimy tentacles of the record industry deserve our financial support. So, unless it’s some really old and out of print record that I’ve found or is in my collection, I won’t be posting any more full albums for download. Don’t ask me to re-up anything that’s on a label or is possibly in print or going to be in print. I don’t need the legal hassles and frankly grew tired of the greedy grabber mentality and lack of gratitude of the ‘sharity community’. It sucked a lot of time out of my life, my sense of good will (people complaining about me not posting a particular album or the quality of bit rate) and also in some cases it unintentionally sucked dimes out of the artist’s coffers.
I’m not doing it anymore. Sorry.

EDIT 1/22/15: Another note on downloads – I’ve been ripping rare records from my collection that – as far as I know – no one has already posted. They’re there for your entertainment. If you would like to host them on your own blog, please respect my hard work and accredit this blog. Download them yourself and upload them to the host of your choice. I am more than willing to share them that way. If you’d like to host some of these files and reprint my reviews, kindly ask me.

How do I get a hold of Kill Ugly Radio?
You can leave a comment in a blog post, or email me at uglyradio23 “AT” I love getting feedback on my radio shows.

I’m a record label or artist and I’d like to send you music
I occasionally get music from a few great labels willing to send albums for airplay consideration. Please take a moment to read some playlists or listen to a show archive to get a sense of what I’ll play or not play.

Here’s the music submission page.

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