Radio Lost & Found for 11/10/16

November 11, 2016

With special guest The Stunning Rayguns

What a brutal year 2016 has been.
With the shocking, unexpected Trump win, I found it very difficult to want to do a show. One album that practically leapt into my crate on that Tuesday evening was Leonard Cohen’s (since prescient) album The Future.
And now the wheels of heaven stop, you feel the devil’s riding crop. Get ready for the future: it is murder..
Indeed. Bleak times. The title track seemed really appropriate. I have also found solace in the track Anthems and its beautiful lyrics:
There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
And then, just an hour before I was to depart for the station, came the news that Leonard Cohen had passed away.
Goddamnit, 2016. What’s next?

But I was pleased to have tonight as our guests The Stunning Rayguns from Portland, who played two amazing extended sets of cosmic soundtrack music live in the studio.
The Stunning Rayguns are Raymond Martin on guitar and Collin Colebank on drums and electronics. You can find them on Bandcamp


Playlist (hour:min. Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots
00:03 Chris Rea – The Road To Hell pt. 1 – The Road To Hell
00:04 Lalo Schifrin/Walter Murch – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
00:08 Chris Rea – The Road To Hell pt. 2 – The Road To Hell
00:12 Leonard Cohen – The Future – The Future
00:18 Tom Waits – The Earth Died Screaming – Bone Machine
00:21 Jello Biafra/Coldcut – Message from Our Sponsor – Journeys By DJ

00:24 Set break — Background: Pressure Drop – Unify

00:24 The Stunning Rayguns – Live Set #1 – Live at KBOO Studios, 11/10/16

00:50 Set break — Stunning Rayguns Interview

01:01 The Stunning Rayguns – Live Set #2 – Live at KBOO Studios, 11/10/16
01:24 Mark Stewart – When The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade – When The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade
01:30 Mark Stewart – Pay It All Back – As The Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade
01:34 Coldcut – Re:Volution – Re: Volution – Single
01:37 William S. Burroughs – Last Words of Hassan Sabbah – Nothing Here Now But The Recordings
01:38 The Pop Group – Citizen Zombie – Citizen Zombie
01:42 The Pop Group – S.O.P.H.I.A. – Citizen Zombie
01:45 Public Image Limited – Rise – Album
01:51 Leonard Cohen – Anthem – The Future

01:57 Lalo Schifrin/Walter Murch – First Chase/Foot Chase /St. Matthew Passion (End Credits) – THX-1138 OST

01:59 Peter Bergman – Occupy Yourself – Radio Free Oz March 6th 2012


Radio Lost & Found for 10/27/16

October 28, 2016

My annual I Feel All Hollow Inside Eve Halloween Special


Here’s my annual Halloween themed show. I made a concerted effort to play things I haven’t played to death on previous Halloween shows. I hope you like it. This might be it for Halloween from me for a while unless I fall into some giant scary music hole or something or feel extra enthused about halloween music in the ensuing year or so. As much as I love the season, I might just be tapped out for creepy themed music. Or maybe I’ll just keep doing it, like those DJs who can’t stay away from holiday themes like Christmas (blech!). We’ll see.
Enjoy and have a great Halloween!

Play it
Grab it

Playlist (hour:minute Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 Fabio Frizzi – A Roomfull Of Dead Friends (Radio Spot) – Zombie

00:00 Set break — Background: The Stranglers – Waltzinblack

00:03 Little Marcy – Devil, Devil, Go Away (forwards & backwards) – Happy Am I
00:07 Butthole Surfers – Graveyard [#1] – Locust Abortion Technician
00:09 Barnes & Barnes – Cemetary Girls – Zabagabee
00:13 1/2 Japanese – The Zombies Of Mora-Tau – The Zombies Of Mora-Tau
00:16 Nash The Slash – Swing Shift (Soixante Neuf) – Cash Cows
00:20 Siouxsie and the Banshees – Halloween – Juju
00:23 The Birthday Party – Release the Bats – Hits
00:26 Fad Gadget – Ricky’s Hand – Machines Compilation
00:30 Eugene Chadbourne – Psycho Birdcage [excerpt] – He Is Insane
00:32 Shockabilly – Secret of the Cooler – Colosseum

00:36 Set break — Background: Ennio Morricone – Dies Irae Psichedelico

00:39 Don Gere – Radio Spot 1 – Werewolves on Wheels
00:40 The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf – Lucky 13 (bootleg)
00:44 William S. Burroughs – Curse Go Back – Break Through In Grey Room
00:45 Tuxedomoon – No Tears – No Tears 12 (reissue)
00:50 The March Violets – Religious as Hell – Natural History
00:54 Queen Meanie Puss – The Darkling – The Darkling 7”
00:58 Minimal Man – 2 Little Skeletons – Safari

01:00 Set break — Background: Angelo Badalamenti: Black Dog Runs At Night

01:03 Skinny Puppy – Worlock – Rabies
01:08 The Hawaiian Pups – Spook Opera – Spook Opera 7”
01:12 The Fuzztones – Ward 8 – Lysergic Emanations
01:17 45 Grave – Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood – Dark Skratcher
01:20 Scholastic Records – It Isn’t The Cough… – The Haunted House And Other Spooky Poems And Tales
01:20 Alien Sex Fiend – Dead and Buried – Alien Sex Fiend – The Singles (1983-1995)
01:24 Beirut Slump – I Am Lord Jesus – Hysterie
01:25 Pain Teens – Sacrificial Shack – Sacrificial Shack 7”
01:28 Scratch Acid – Greatest Gift – The Greatest Gift
01:30 Butthole Surfers – Graveyard [#2] – Locust Abortion Technician
01:33 Stickmen with Rayguns – Scavenger of Death – Some People Deserve to Suffer
01:37 Happy Fingers Institute – Nightmare – Job Specimen
01:41 Snakefinger – Magic and Ecstasy – Chewing Hides the Sound
01:44 Fabio Frizzi – Eating Lucio – Zombie
01:44 Rowland S. Howard & Lydia Lunch – I Fell In Love With A Ghost – Hysterie

01:49 Set break — Background: Daniela Casa – Dimensione Astratta

01:51 Beast – Possessed – Possessed/Wolfbane Nite EP — With Ex-Cramps Bryan Gregory
01:54 Blood and Roses – Necromantra – Love Under Will EP

01:56 Set break — Outro – Background: Ennio Morricone – Dies Irae Psichedelico


Radio Lost & Found for 10/13/16

October 15, 2016


Tonight I’m joined by special guest Jon Nelson, who many of my more Plundercentric listeners may be familiar with both through his amazing radio show Some Assembly Required, but also his own found sound music project Escape Mechanism.

Some Assembly Required (1999-2011) Showcasing audio work by artists who appropriate sounds from the media environment, Some Assembly Required was heard on dozens of stations across the US and Canada, for over a decade.

It was a gas. Jon brought lots of stuff I was totally unfamiliar with and we had a great time. I am hoping he’ll join us again soon.


Playlist (hour:min. Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:02 Judy Collins – Send In The Clowns 45 played at 33 1/3 R – Send In The Clowns 7”
00:07 Morgan Fisher – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant – Miniatures

00:08 Set break — Intro: background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:10 Oneida & Rhys Chatham – A. Philip Randolph and Back Bay Station – What’s Your Sign?
00:14 Széki Kurva – Hotel Antoinette (Dean Martin Mix) – Music for Joyriders
00:16 The Avalanches – Harmony – Wildflower
00:20 Wayne Butane – Dead Monkey Arcade – TV Monster A Go Go!! / Dead Monkey Arcade
00:25 Sturgill Simpson – In Bloom – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth
00:29 People Like Us – Dreaming – Lathe Cut 8”
00:33 Realistic – Math Is Hard – Drowned in Meaning
00:37 Realistic – Cuddle Party Headrush – Drowned in Meaning
00:39 Koop – Come To Me – Koop Islands

00:42 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydream

00:55 G3RSt – Bloom To Me – Square
00:59 John Oswald – PrePLEX – PrePLEX
01:14 Escape Mechanism – What’s Happening – Emphasis Added
01:19 Escape Mechanism – Vaya Con Dios – Emphasis Added
01:20 Escape Mechanism – Details – Emphasis Added
01:25 CutUpSound – Oblivion Saves you Money – Night of 1,000 PSAs
01:26 CutUpSound – Stuff – Night of 1,000 PSAs
01:27 CutUpSound – Tom Hanks – Night of 1,000 PSAs
01:28 Jane and Barton – It’s A Fine Day – Jane and Barton

01:30 Set break — Background: Heldon – Interface

01:37 Divide & Kreate – It’s a Fine Holiday – Boot
01:39 Daniel Steven Crafts – The Essence Of Melodrama – Snake Oil Symphony/Soap Opera Suite
01:44 The Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix) – The Whipped Cream Mixes 7”
01:47 Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang – Bang Bang/The Shadow Of Your Smile 7”
01:49 Emergency Broadcast Network – 3:7:8 (Album Version) – 3:7:8 12”
01:56 DJ Earlybird – Hell of a Heavenly Bang Bang – Boot
01:59 Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over The Rainbow – The Human Horn


Night of 1,000 PSAs

October 1, 2016

OK, here’s the deal.

KBOO’s long-time News and Public Affairs director Kathleen Stephenson is retiring later this month. Kathleen’s office, already tiny, was packed to the gunwales with boxes, filing cabinets, shelves with more boxes, etc.  It’s like a Mercury space capsule, with just about enough room for her to sit at her desk.

Over the years she’s accumulated this gigantic horde or radio PSAs, boxes and boxes of them, in fact. KBOO’s had this longstanding policy of not airing any of the traditional PSAs sent to commercial and noncommercial radio stations from The Ad Council, the U.S. Military,  Center for Disease Control, and countless church organizations, etc. – in favor of those produced in-house at the station.

But what to do with all of them? When cleaning out her office, Programming Director and host of Life After Wartime Erin Yanke thought something should be done with them – but what? We talked about it. Some of us, Erin, Dr. Zomb (of Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura), Jim ‘Mr. No Soap Radio’ Larrance, Becky Meiers (Union of Time Thieves), initially thought we’d cut them up and make some kind of audio assemblage – but agreed that that would take forever. There were easily a thousand or more of them, all on disc, some of them as audio CD and some as computer files. We finally arrived at the conclusion that we’ll just play as many of them as possible in the time allotted. We figured an hour would work best. If it was an unlistenable mess, at least it would be an endurable mess at an hour.

So here it is. A few made preassembled pieces from their respective piles of discs. Much of it was mixed on the fly – some of it played on digital players and manipulated in real time.

We hope you enjoy the Kathleen Stephenson Retirement PSA Orchestra’s tribute to Kathleen and the art of the public service announcement!


The participants were: Dr. Zomb, Erin Yanke, Rolf Semprebon, Becky Meiers, Rich Lindsay, Jim Larrance.



Radio Lost & Found for 9/22/16 w/guests The Marta Zapparoli & Jackie Stewart Duo

September 23, 2016

We were honored to be joined by The Marta Zapparoli & Jackie Stewart Duo tonight, who appeared live at KBOO Studios. They did tape and turntable manipulations from Studio Two and wove an amazing and intricate soundscape using largely analog sources. It was a lot of fun to both hear and behold.

Marta Zapparoli:
Born in 1975, She is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and musician. She works and lives in Berlin since 2007. Her music mainly consists in sonic pieces that she builds using a wide variety of the recordings captured from the real sound world , using devices and self-made microphones without borders and in many unconventional ways. She is interested on the boundaries and relations between real sound world ,vibration sound, noise pollution, and inaudible sound.  She released several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics Rec, Audition Records, Nohmad Records and Zeromoon. She was also extensively featured on WDR3 Open Studio Elektronische Musik Deutschland. In 2006 she received the MOVIN-UP Award for her field recording project An Audio Portrait of Berlin. [LINK to her BLOG]

Jackie Stewart:
Jackie “Oblivia” Stewart started performing sound in 1979 in Portland, Oregon. Groups Jackie has performed in include “the improvs” (1979), “Spy vs. Spy” (1980), “Babylon 2000” (1981-83), and “Smegma” (1982-present). Though Stewart experimented on guitar and very much enjoys vocals, she has found her focus with turntables. Her visual art medium is assemblage or collage, so it comes naturally to Jackie to assemble sounds. She enjoys hearing how beautiful or humorous “mixing” can be, in the same way things come together visually when assembling her cut-up art pieces.  With Smegma she says “I can enjoy a freedom of expression, totally unrestricted and of my own: as in I choose to interpret what my part will sound like. It has enabled me to learn much about recording and live performance.” Jackie’s sounds have appeared on dozens of releases, both solo and in group formats, in addition to her work with video. [Jackie “Oblivia” Stewart bio from LAFMS/Smegma page]

The Marta Zapparoli & Jackie Stewart Duo will be performing live in Portland on Saturday, Sept. 24th (along with Hisham Mayet/Ju Suk Reet Meate, Chiara Giovando,  Madelyn Villano and Super 8 film visuals by Mia Ferm) at Disjecta.

Here’s the show:

(Hour:Minute Artist – Track – Album [Label])
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:02 Wayne Horvitz & Pigpen – Miss Ann – Miss Ann

00:07 Set break — Intro – Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:08 Oneida & Rhys Chatham – You Get Brighter – What’s Your Sign? [Northern Spy]
00:13 Oneida & Rhys Chatham – Bad Brains – What’s Your Sign?
00:20 Leona Anderson – Rats in My Room – Music To Suffer By
00:22 Lovely Little Girls – The Awful Unpleasant Consequence – Glistening Vivid Splash [Skin Graft]
00:26 Evil Genius – Juke Prompt – Bitter Human [Orenda Records]

00:32 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydream

00:34 The Marta Zapparoli & Jackie Stewart Duo – Live in the KBOO Studio
01:06 Marta Zapparoli & Jackie Stewart Duo – Interview

01:16 Set break — Background: Tom Cameron – Music To Wash Dishes By

01:17 Tom Cameron – Another Question – Music To Wash Dishes By
01:22 Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay – Amalgam – Amalgam [Northern Spy]
01:35 Little Markie – Story Of An Alcoholic Father – Little Bits For Children Everywhere
01:42 CNN – Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons – CNN 1985
01:48 Soupcans – Parasite Brain – Parasite Brain – EP
01:50 Soupcans – No Teeth – Parasite Brain – EP
01:50 Soupcans – Crimes of the Future, Pt. II – Parasite Brain EP
01:54 The Credibility Gap – Spots – Fiji Puzzle Box Blog
01:56 Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – Bonnie and Clyde [excerpt] – Comic Strip

01:57 Set break — Outro: Shooby Taylor – Over The Rainbow


Rock Or Die 4!!! PDX Punk Edition

September 9, 2016


Here we are again. After a bumpy start (equipment failure in the air room) we are off and running. Me and DJ F.U.’s annual Punk Rock blowout.

This year, at F.U.’s suggestion, we played nearly all Portland Punk and Hardcore.

Lots of fun. A slightly truncated show, as I edited out the bits where we were flailing around trying to get the show off the ground at the beginning.
Hope you enjoy it!

Grab It.

(Hour:Min. – Artist-Track-Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots- Promo Spots

00:00 Poison Idea – AA- Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes
00:02 Poison Idea – Legalize Freedom- Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes

00:03 Set break

00:06 Neo Boys – Dirty White Lies- Sub Pop 5 cassette
00:08 Pell Mell – Spy vs Spy- Sub Pop 5 cassette (started at wrong speed. Whoops!)
00:11 The Cleavers – Bug- 10-29-79
00:14 Rancid Vat – Under My Wheels- City of Thorns (as ‘Rancid Bat’ on the cover, which is rife w/typos)
00:17 Sado-Nation – Fight Back- We’re Not Equal
00:18 Sado-Nation – Industrial Revolution- We’re Not Equal
00:20 Napalm Beach – Teen Dream- Teen Dream
00:24 Napalm Beach – All Outta Time- Pugsley Cassette
00:26 Napalm Beach – It’s Your Time- Pugsley Cassette
00:29 Wipers – Better Off Dead- Better Off Dead 7″
00:31 Wipers – Up In Flames- Better Off Dead 7″

00:33 Set break — DJ F.U.’s set #1 starts here. Hear.

00:36 Wipers – Mystery- Is This Real?
00:37 Wipers – Youth of America- Youth of America
00:48 Wipers – No One Wants An Alien- Is This Real?
00:51 Wipers – D-7- Is This Real?

00:55 Set break — I ID’d it. I did.

00:56 Dead Moon – Down the Road (Live Version)- Dead Moon: Live at Satyricon
00:59 The Obituaries – Giant Rebel- The Obituaries
01:02 The Obituaries – Time No Longer- The Obituaries
01:03 The Obituaries – No Man of Her Own- The Obituaries
01:08 Dead Moon – Johnny’s Got a Gun / Destination X (Live Version)- Dead Moon: Live at Satyricon
01:15 Poison Idea – Typical (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years
01:18 Poison Idea – Legalize Freedom (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years
01:20 Poison Idea – Spy (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years

01:22 Set break — DJ F.U. back-announces forward. Rich’s set #2 starts here.

01:24 Jackals – Iron Horse- Jackals
01:26 Jackals – Psycho Billy Belinda- Jackals
01:28 Wermacht – Beer Macht- City of Thorns
01:28 Wermacht – E- City of Thorns
01:29 Oily Blood Men – Skullduggery- City of Thorns (as ‘Oily Bloody Men’ Blame Doug Moody)
01:30 Oily Blood Men – Secret Town- City of Thorns
01:31 Final Warning – I Quit- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:34 Poison Idea – Laughing Boy- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:36 E-13 – Pancreatitis- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:38 Skate Drunx – Whimps- City of Thorns
01:39 Skate Drunx – Mortician’s Boner- City of Thorns
01:40 Hazel – Tragedy- Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers

01:42 Set break — I back-announce backwards, then F.U. drives it home.

01:44 Agent Orange – Miserlou- Living In Darkness
01:46 Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl- The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records
01:48 Bikini Kill – Bloody Ice Cream- The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records
01:50 L7 – Questioning My Sanity- Hungry for Stink

01:53 Set break — we ended it


Radio Lost and Found for 08/25/16

August 26, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-26 13.55.45.png

Some newly released Delia Derbyshire and freshly reissued William S. Burroughs, some spacey music, mixing stuff live in the studio and more!

I’ve been on vacation but very busy around the house, so other than a few records which recently arrived at my doorstep, I also brought lots of stuff I had forgotten I had after cleaning up my shelves, bins, etc. Hope you enjoy the show.

Grab it

(hr:mins. Artist – Title – Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:01 Slade – Mama, We’re All Crazy Now – Slayed?

00:05 Set break — Intro – Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics
00:06 The Rudy Schwartz Project – My Pal Foot Foot – They Saved Grandpa’s Gauze
00:08 Delia Derbyshire & Elsa Stansfield – Circle of Light, Pt. 1 [excerpt] – Circle of Light (Original Electronic Soundtrack Recording)
00:15 UNKNOWN – Too Old To Be Saved? – Everything is Terrible
00:23 Wayne Carlton – Elk Calls [excerpt] – Elk Bugling
00:24 Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – Colours – The Dreams
00:38 William S. Burroughs – Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard – Nothing Here Now But The Recordings — reissue
00:39 William Burroughs – The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes – Nothing Here Now But the Recordings
00:43 William S. Burroughs – Summer Will – Nothing Here Now But The Recordings
00:44 S.P.K. – John – At The Crypt Cassette
00:49 S.P.K. – Metal Dance – Machine Age Voodoo
00:53 Scarfolk Council – Audio Control For Baby – SoundCloud
00:58 Hank Snow – Don’t Make Me Go To Bed And I’ll Be Good – When Tragedy Struck

01:01 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

1:07 The Moontrekkers – Night of the Vampire – The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek
01:09 Mike Berry & The Outlaws – Tribute to Buddy Holly – The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek
01:12 The Cosmic Gardeners – Slippering Beside – Fortune Bells and Magic Candles
01:15 The Cosmic Gardeners – Way Of Going – Fortune Bells and Magic Candles
01:18 The Space Lady – Strawberry Fields Forever – The Space Lady’s Back
01:22 The Space Lady – Radar Love – The Space Lady’s Back
01:27 The Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity – Innocence and Despair

01:33 Set break — Background: The String Quartet Tribute To Pixies – Where Is My Mind

01:37 The Bonzo Dog Band – The Strain – Let’s Make Up and Be Friendly
01:40 The Bonzo Dog Band – Turkeys – Let’s Make Up and Be Friendly
01:42 The Bonzo Dog Band – King Of Scurf – Let’s Make Up and Be Friendly
01:48 The Fall – Putta Block – The Rough Trade Singles
01:52 Roxy Music – Do the Strand – For Your Pleasure
01:55 Rev. Buck Naked – Drinking Bud Watching – Bob – 7”

01:57 Set break — Outro – Background: Shooby Taylor – Over The Rainbow