Send Me Music For Airplay

Submissions are most welcome. Please take a moment to read some playlists or listen to a show archive to get a sense of what I’ll play or not play. My shows tend towards the avant-garde perspective (Noise, classical Avant-Garde, Spoken Word) or found sounds and/or kooky thrift store records. I probably won’t play a conventional rock band’s music (rock, Punk, Blues, Metal, etc), Hip Hop or conventional Folk unless it’s relevant to a particular show topic.
These are things to consider before sending me anything.

Kill Ugly Radio is a live weekly show and I like to not have to cover ground I’ve been on before, so if you send me music (and it fits the above criteria), it’s pretty likely that I will be playing it on an upcoming show.


  • CDs and Vinyl – CDs and vinyl are most likely to get played on the air, due to my studio set up and the availability of liner notes or album information on a physical medium being more conducive to a live radio show. Hand-made CDs on CDRs are fine, provided they meet audio quality standards, are formatted to play on a CD player and are accompanied by all the song, artist and album information above.
  • Digital Downloads – Digital submissions (MP3s, SoundCloud submissions, etc) are most welcome. Please make sure that anything sent for airplay is encoded at 192kbps or greater. Anything less than that is unacceptable for airplay and would sound terrible while being streamed over the internet. Also, please make sure there are track, album and artist names in the metadata for any files. I receive so much in the way of MP3s that they will otherwise get lost in the proverbial shuffle and probably won’t get played. Also, no WMAs or FLACs or any other file that needs conversion by me to play on the air. I don’t have the time.
  • Cassettes – Cassettes are also welcome. While difficult to cue discreet tracks, I will play them. If your cassette contains long gaps in audio content as an artistic choice, I probably won’t play it. You could consider sending me an audio CD of the excerpted music with info and I’ll make it clear that it’s an audio cassette release on air.

If your Record, CD or Cassette doesn’t have liner notes, track information, etc. on the packaging, please include a press kit or a sheet with this information so that I may properly credit the artist(s) on air and in playlists.

I post a playlist for every show, so it’s good exposure for your label, artist, album.

I also host a monthly terrestrial radio program on Portland OR radio station KBOO [Link], which is derived for the most part of things I’ve played on Kill Ugly Radio, so there’s the chance your music will be played there, as well.

Contact info:

Email: uglyradio23 “AT”

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