Turkey Day Show

Here’s the audio to last night’s show.
We had a ball. My brother Andy and my son William were there, as well as co-host for this show – and supplier of most of the music – Devin, host of Radio Under the Influence.
Dr. Zomb stopped in extra early to lend us some of his mind-blowing Turkish rock records (we especially dug the recent vinyl edition of Love, Peace and Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music).
We all had pie, cake and leftover turkey from my sister’s house. We also had many happy callers, requests and helpful hint or two on our horrible pronunciation of Turkish words.

Play show:


I’m not even going to attempt a playlist, but roughly it was:
Negativland, Erkin Koray, Selda Bagcan, Mustafa Özkent, Cem Karaca, Mazhar ve Fuat, Erkin Koray again, Ozdemir Erdogan, Mogolar, Selda again, Mustafa Özkent again, Cem again, 3 Hurel, Erol Buyukburc, Cem yet again, The Weatherman, some weird electronic music that Andy and I made on Thanksgiving night in 1996, some Barış Manço, some more Mustafa Ozkent, Ersin Ergin a weird video sent to this blog while the show was going on. It was titled Selim B.A. Soyle Duracac and was very odd sounding and we finished off with more Barış Manço and closed with Cem Karaca and some more of that weird electronic music by Andy and I. That’s roughly a on-the-fly list. Contents may have settled in shipping and was made in a facility that processed peanuts.

Technical note: The audio for some reason isn’t too good. I think it may be due to recording it in the air room on the CD recorders in the rack. So the microphones sound really over-modulated and clipped. Hopefully that’s not how we sounded over the air.


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