How to CB

How To CB

I have had this LP for a number of years and have managed to insert tracks into many a mix (last week’s show being a recent example) and have been planning to rip it to CD.

Looks like Groove Grotto already did it last year, saving me the trouble.

Go get it. It’s hilarious. The professional sounding stentorian delivery of the announcer is great as he attempts to decode this often Southern accent-inflected slanguage. I especially dig the lexicon where certain key words like Go Go Juice and Motion Lotion (euphemisms for gasoline – if you’re curious) are used. This is all – of course – left wide open to sampling and cutting up. It’s a little rough to take in a single sitting, but for sampling or mixing, there’s nary a dull spot to drop the needle on.

It also has a foldout chart that deciphers the so-called Ten Code and has an even more comprehensive and hilarious slang reference chart (would you believe that truckers were actually calling The FCC The Friendly Candy Company? I don’t.).

It’s an amazing LP and you owe it to yourself to Hören mit Schmerzen. (listen in pain)

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  1. I’ve had that for a while as well.
    I’ve used it in live performances back when the ohm and dan reed were going strong.

    I used it during an electronic improv performance with dan reed, auditory sculpture and rob daiker & myself.

    I especially used the part you speak of referencing terms for gasoline, which in a nightclub/dance scenario is fitting.

    I never knew of the word “stentorian” and I hope I remember it.

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