Radio Lost & Found for 06/25/20


Another live show from home. These are getting easier. Lots of weird crap I’ve picked up lately, and some old stuff I’ve dug up recently. Hope you like!


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release):
Life Records / Cleanliness and Order / Cleanliness and Order
Brizbomb / 0909FT30 / 0909
Godley and Creme / Freeze Frame / Freeze Frame

Set Break: Leonard Pennario / March of the Lunatics

Jerry A. and ANTiSEEN / Testify / Testify 7″
Bonfire Madigan / Bleeds Change / Bleeds Change
Kimberly Jones / How Can We Win? /
Bonfire Madigan / Genesis Too / Genesis Too – Single
Frank Zappa / Oh No Son of Orange County More Trouble Every Day / A Token of His Extreme
John Lennon / I had a lot of loops / I Buried Paul Documentary
The Residents / Flying / Frank Johnson’s Favorites
Shockabilly / Flying / Vietnam
Neil Dick / The Future is Now / The Future is Now

Set Break: Optigan / Talkover Optigan Loops

Flora Purim / Summer Night / Butterfly Dreams
Ghostwriters / Swizzle / Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Randy Lewis / Dreams Within a Dream / Dreams Within A Dream 7″
Renaldo And The Loaf / Melvyn’s Repose / Frank Johnson’s Favorites
ʇɒo⅃ ɘʜT dnA odlɒnɘЯ / esoqeR s’nyvleM / ƨɘtiɿovɒꟻ ƨ’noƨnʜoႱ ʞnɒɿꟻ
Cabaret Voltaire / Theme From Earthshaker / Micro-Phonies

Set Break: John Cameron / Half Forgotten Daydreams

Stefano Tamburini / Thalidomusic For Young Babies, pt. 1 / Mongoholy-Nazy
Jr. and His Soulettes / Thing Do the Creep / Psychodelic Sounds
The Shaggs / That Little Sportscar / The World According To The Shaggs

Shooby Taylor / Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow / The Human Horn

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