Zappa Happa-nings

Frank’s been away from this plane of existence for fifteen years, now. Zappa was my role model as a kid and the one voice of sanity for me in the insane Reagan years and I often wonder what he would have to say about everything that’s gone on since he shuffled off this mortal coil. But he was also a devout (heh heh) Atheist, so waxing too poetic about couldas and wouldas seems inappropriate here. Suffice to say, he would’ve had a lot to say.

But there’s some devotional things afoot Zappa-wise (GEEZ! I hate horrible portmanteaus – like STRUGGLEBRATION – BLECH! – but what about Zappanings?kicks self in shin hard enough to draw blood)

First up – er make that last night – Ninah and dAS – of The Big City Orchestra and more – did a Frank Zappa special last night on
If you’re a Zappa-head, there wasn’t anything too rare or unheard, but the vinyl was – as Ninah put it – ‘well loved sounding’ and someone else playing Zappa for you is like a sandwich someone made for you; it’s just better somehow. It was a great show. I sat back in my easy chair and was entranced (handily archived HERE).

Also, this just in from the good Dr. Zomb:

This just in, Tonight at the Clinton St. theatre at 9:30 are Zappa concert films, documentaries and a Q & A with my friend Scott Thunes who was Frank’s last bass player before the band was dismantled and replaced with a sampler… I may try to get him to come to the Outside World afterwards.

Hope to see people there!

Dr. Zomb

And also this link from Ninah, where you can hear the calming intonations of The Central Scrutinizer and pay homage to Frank Vincent Zappa.

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