Steve Beresford

Eleven Songs for Doris Day
Chabada (France) 1985

Here’s one of some strange records I found in a package mysteriously addressed to me and left in my mailbox at the station.
It was one of three odd, French label 10″ records, all of which featured pianist and horn-player Steve Beresford. This one is a hommage to Doris Day.
It’s also much more straightforward and much less goofy than I had anticipated, once I dropped the needle on it. I was expecting one of those albums where an avant-garde guy lets his hair down and camps it up on something they are sentimental about or perhaps something that is an indulgent guilty pleasure. But then, I have to admit that I am pretty unfamiliar with Beresford’s work.
This is actually a nice record, albeit a little strange and rough but in a restrained kind of way.


1. I Was There (3:16)
2. Secret Love (2:53)
3. Let It Ring (3:57)
4. Serenade In Blue (4:28)
5. Sentimental Journey (3:27)
6. The Black Hills Of Dakota (2:23)
7. It’s Magic (3:06)
8. Que Sera, Sera (0:58)
9. At Last (3:53)
10. I’m Beginning To See the Light (2:02)
11. Back In Cincinnati (3:53)


1 Comment

  1. Hello,
    I am a Doris Day fan and I need the 10th song. For some reason I couldn’t download from Rapid share. Can you please send me another link?

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