Trouser Press Tuesday: GARY LUCAS

Gods and Monsters (Enemy) 1992
Skeleton at the Feast (Enemy) 1992
Bad Boys of the Arctic (Enemy) 1994
The Killer Shrews (Enemy) 1993

Gary Lucas has toured Europe with Leonard Bernstein playing his Mass and was a member of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band in its final recording lineup (on Ice Cream for Crow, after a cameo on the previous Doc at the Radar Station). He has produced albums for eclecticist Peter Gordon and jazz saxist Tim Berne and is a mainstay of Manhattan’s downtown avant-rock scene. He also joined Joan Osborne on her Relish album and co-wrote songs that appeared on Jeff Buckley’s Grace. Most of which efforts manifest the salient fact here: he’s one mutha of a guitarist(…)

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