Show from 11/02/10

Kill Ugly Radio Presents Big City Orchestra in Portland Digest: Five hours of live performance by BCO at KBOO compressed to two hours!

That’s right! We were honored to have Big City Orchestra members dAs and Ninah Pixie in Portland for two glorious nights in a row; first on Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura and then on the following evening on The Outside World – that night hosted by yours truly.

On the first night, dAs, Ninah and friend Mike visited with Dr. Zomb and made noise for two hours. A slinky-like spring – tethered to a contact mic – was draped across Studio One’s ceiling – while Ninah and dAs ably provided noise courtesy of gadgets, laptops and Ninah’s keyboards and gorgeous shruti box.

On the following night, dAs, Ninah, Dr. Zomb and I noisescaped for the better part of three hours, aided by an enormous tinfoil and contact mic array that dAs erected in KBOO’s backroom fire-exit stairwell.

A fun time was had by all. It was great making noise on this historic and hysterical occasion – being as it was on Halloween eve.

We’re hoping they come to our fair city again!


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