Rock or Die!: Punk Rock Compilation


I’ve put together this online compilation of my favorite Punk and 80s Hardcore songs.
The thing that inspired me to finally do this was a show I did with my friend Jeff Kipilman on KBOO fairly recently. Many of the songs from this comp. were played on that show but we didnt have the time to play all of them. After the show ran, I collected all the songs and leftovers into this comp. (with lots to spare). These are literally my all-time favorite Punk and Hardcore songs.

I tried, where possible, to make it as obscure and eclectic as possible. I passed on bands or tracks that appear on virtually every Punk comp. or bands that really don’t need any introduction to anyone. I also made it so that almost nothing on it happened after 1984 or so because after that, I can almost count the ‘punk’ bands that I found interesting on one hand. The supposition of the comp. is that Punk happened between the mid-Seventies to the mid-Eighties. The rest was just about selling shoes and soft drinks.
In some instances, I played more than one contiguous track from some records because that’s how I remember them – either played on the radio back-in-the-day or from mix-tapes I either made or got from friends, collectors, etc..
It’s just the way I wanted to do it.

A few caveats about quality: The whole thing originated from mix-tapes I’ve had since the early-mid-eighties, sources on the web in the ensuing decades and from my own collection. Like lots of projects like this, the audio quality varies widely. Some rarer songs were actually sourced from my mix tapes from my collection and I’ve been too busy (or lazy – take your pick) to look for better ones. Please don’t bother whining about audio quality or bitrate. I put a lot of work into preparing this. If you don’t like it, go spend all your money on the Killed By Death series and leave me alone.

Download: Rock or Die! (133 megs)

Comments vs downloads:
Comment: 1  Downloads: 27


  1. Happened upon this site , am DL the tunes , looks like some good tracks.
    I became a punk in 81 after a buddy turned me on to a local college radio so i had a chance to listen to the music. i was a chunky heavy metal skater kid so the transformation wasn’t too hard. i taped that first show and played it till the tape broke. i wish!! I had the vinyl i used to have .. all the early minor threat 7’s. misfits. all the stuff from posh boy and no future records. geez.. too bad life happened and i needed cash. oh well. i was big into circle one , in my opinion john macias was much more “punk” than jello b. he believed what ye wanted to and fuck what everyone else thought about it. he ran PUNX , sang for C1 and managed the gang all while having a mental problem. r i.p. john. Thx for taking the time to make this. I look forward to listening. take care and …. beware!

    1. Thanks, Todd!
      Glad you liked it. For me, radio was my lifeline and many of these songs came from my memory of punk rock radio shows in the early-mid 80s.
      I might post another one soon, if there’s sufficient interest.
      Thanks for the nice comments.

  2. Thanks, Bill!
    I haven’t checked the download stats since my last, rather ruefull edit. I think it’s quite a bit higher now.
    I had planned on putting up two more comps if I got enough encouragement but have forgotten about them entirely.
    DJ F.U. (Jeff) and I will be doing another Rock or Die on KBOO in July. Let me know if you have any requests and we’ll give you a shoutout!

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