Happy Halloween 2012

I did another fill-in spot on Tony Coulter’s show on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio stream.

With Halloween a week away, I thought I’d spin some scary sounds for the better part of three hours.

I tried my best to keep the sounds new, with a smattering of songs from years gone by. The final third of the show is pretty dark, with minimal interruption.

The individual sets are also available at Mixcloud, sans any back-announcer ululating from yours truly. (Mixcloud set 1, set 2, set 3)

Here’s the show:

Download (3hrs, 250megs @192kbps)

Pay Tee Vee; The Monster In Your Living Room – Anti Cable Promo Advert
Brother Theodore – Radio Promo: Eating Lucio – Zombi 2 OST
Jerry Goldsmith(?) – Alien Teaser Trailer
Matt Clifford – Main Titles – Return of the Living Dead OST
The Hawaiian Pups – Spook Opera – 7″ Promo
Half Life – Halloween Theme – Half Life
Les Maledictus Sound – Monster Cocktail – Les Maledictus Sound
Antonius Rex – Non Fiat Voluntas Tua – DJ Goatface Killah presents…Ave Satanas
Venetian Snares – Black Sabbath – Sabbath Remixes 10″
The Rattles – The Witch – DJ Goatface Killah presents…Ave Satanas
The Lollipop Shoppe – You Must Be a Witch – DJ Goatface Killah presents…Ave Satanas
Lucifer’s Friend – Lucifer’s Friend – DJ Goatface Killah presents…Ave Satanas
Destroy All Monsters – You’re Gonna Die – Destroy All Monsters
The Young Gods – Nous de la Lune – The Young Gods
Blood and Roses – Necromantra – Love Under Will EP (1985)
Beast – New Moone – New Moone 7″ (1983)
Hoyt Axton – Beelzebub’s Laughter – My Griffin Is Gone

Jimmy Page – Hotel Rats and Photostats – Death Wish 2 OST

Zombi 2 Radio Spot: Room Full of Dead Friends
Half Japanese – The Zombies of Mora Tau – The Zombies of Mora Tau
SicKidz – Night of the Living Dead – Teenage Obsessions- 1978-1984 Recordings
Jay Allison – Neighborhood Freaks – Tellus # 11 Cassette
Judson Fountain – The Garbage Can from Thailand – Completely in the Dark!
Coyle & Sharpe – Werewolf – On The Loose
The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf – All Tore Up (bootleg)
Nomads – Where the Wolf Bane Blooms – Showdown!
Beasts of Bourbon – Psycho – Axeman’s Jazz

Ennio Morricone – Magic and Ecstasy – Exorcist II: The Heretic

Frank Zappa – Cheepnis – Roxy and Elsewhere
The Damned – Nasty – Thanks for the Night 7″
United Mutation – Lice and Flies – Fugitive Family 7″
Stickmen W/Ray Guns – Scavenger of Death – Some People Deserve to Suffer
The Pain Teens – Sacrificial Shack – Sacrificial Shack 12″
The Godbullies – Monster Jesus/Cemetary – Dog Show

Ennio Morricone – Dies Irae Psichedelico [Escalation Mix] – Barry’s 7 Connectors, vol. 2

Brad Miller – White Mountain Scenic Railway (Intro) Steel Rails Under Thundering Skies
White Noise – Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell (Excerpt) –
Igor Wakhevitch – Cris Pour Les Sabbats Infernaux Et Invocation Des Daimons/Office De La LevéE Du Corps [De Profundis] – Hathor
Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson – Proposition/Drive To The House/Outside The House/Church In Hell – Legend of Hell House
Skinny Puppy – Church In Hell – Sub Pop #5
White Noise – Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell (Reprise)
Zoviet France – Ram – Collusion
Beirut Slump – I Am Lord Jesus – Hysterie: The Best of Lydia Lunch
Seventeen Pygmies – To No Avail (Excerpt) – Hatikva
Robin Crutchfield’s Dark Day – Trapped – Exterminating Angel
Jerry Falwell – Where Are The Dead?
Psychic TV – Thee Full Pack (Excerpt) – Force the Hand of Chance
S.P.K. – Desolation/Agony Of The Plasma – Leichenschrei
Psychic TV – Thee Full Pack (Reprise) – Force the Hand of Chance
Alan De Loy – Title Theme – The Devil’s Rain
Laibach – Vade Retro Satanis – Nova Akropola

Ennio Morricone – Night Flight/Pazuzu – Exorcist II: The Heretic

Unknown – Jesus And I Go To Hell – Found Tape


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